Hasef’s work introduces viewers to a world of conceptual art often avoided by society.  He earned his B.A. in Sociology & Art California State University, Bakersfield, completed his certification in Art & Marketing from Sotheby’s in London, and continued his studies at Claremont Graduate University where he received his MFA in Studio Art. In addition to working as an artist in Los Angeles, Hasef is passionate about educating both young artists and art novices. He continues to spread art though teaching at GET LIT-Words Ignite and offer art services from his Art Studio in South Los Angeles. 

Artist Statement

My work explores ideas and looks of blackness globally, through research, travel, and found objects. I use these methods to create conceptual artworks that show drawings, paintings, digital art, and photography . Viewers are introduced to black body shapes, familiar objects, plants, and bright colors.

Using Format